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Judul : Akuntanbilitas dan Transparansi LSM dalam Proses Transformasi Sosial sebagai Jawaban Tuntutan Reformasi
Pengarang : Defia Nurbatin
Abstraksi : The freedom of expression become a familiar phenomenon found in Indonesia due to the efforts of the New Order regime transition to democracy with the transformation of civil society actors as a driving force, so that the emerging diverse forms of NGOs that are part of the Non Government Organization. Writing this article rests on the phenomenon of being implicated in the NGO, aims to identify how NGOs can be managed by an accountable organization in the eyes of financiers and wider community who have worked with him and is a crucial issue. The issue of accountability is inseparable from the development of public accounting practices in Indonesia. Mutilations, journalizing, and budget is the main menu in Accounting system that always arise. Based on this, this study provides practical guidance through perspektiv Interpretive approach for public society for NGOs. So it is important for NGOs to follow the financial reporting provisions required under GAAP Nonprofits issued by IAI as the preparation of the audit process and public accountability. Public accountability is valuable asset and the main requirements of the organization that carries social transformation process as a form of Reformation. Key words: LSM / NGO, public accountability, Civil Society
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Judul : Analisis Pengaruh Fluktuasi Harga Sayuran, Modal Usaha terhadap Pendapatan Pedagang Sayur Keliling di Kecamatan Sumbersari Kabupaten Jember Tahun 2015
Pengarang : Indria Yuli Susanti
Abstraksi : This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of fluctuations in the price of vegetables and venture capital to revenue itinerant vegetable traders in the district of Sumbersari Jember. The sample in this study is the itinerant vegetable seller in the District of Sumbersari Jember as many as 70 people. Based on calculations using SPSS version 17.0 for windows was found that the results of fluctuations in prices of vegetables (X1) and venture capital (X2) has positive influence on the income level of itinerant vegetable seller (Y). According to the results of the calculation coefficient of determination (R2) of 18%. This shows that fluctuations in the price of vegetables and venture capital to revenue itinerant vegetable seller has low leverage. Key words: fluctuations in the price of vegetables, venture capital, income itinerant vegetable selle
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Judul : Management Accounting System dalam Perannya Menata Sistem Keuangan Syariah Nasional
Pengarang : David Efendi
Abstraksi : Islamic financial system to generate information that is trusted by its users. Reforming the national Islamic financial system at the start of the management accounting system. Pressure structuring Islamic financial system reinforces the understanding of Islam. It is expected nubuwwah principle can be owned. Nubuwwah principle owned by the human resources manager to process the data and it will produce information that is valid and appropriate decisions and quality. Key words: managemet accouning system, A national Islamic financial system, the principle nubuwwa
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Judul : Penerapan Produksi dan Pemasaran untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Produksi dan Pangsa Pasar Usaha Susu Pisang di Kabupaten Banyuwangi Application of Production and Marketing for Improving The Quality of Production and Market Share Banana Milk Business in Banyuwangi District
Pengarang : Nursyamsida Tohari, Nike Norma Epriliyana, Hari Budi Lestari
Abstraksi : This Community Service Program consists of training and technical assistance. It is aimed at growing banana milk business in the village of Dadapan, sub-district of Kabat, district of Banyuwangi. The program is also devised to assist the business group in obtaining a Business Trading License (SIUP) and a license for homemade food (P-IRT) issued by the District Health Office in Banyuwangi. A number of activities that are included in the program comprise an outreach program; the provision of tools and equipment; training in production, packing and marketing; and a dissemination of information on how to gain relevant license for homemade food. The idea of conducting such program stems from the fact that banana milk business is highly potential yet the business group is lacking in necessary tools and equipment. Following the completion of the Community Service Program, it is expected that the business group achieves a sustainable growth in both production and marketing network. Key words: Production, Marketing, Banana Milk
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Judul : Pengaruh Kompensasi Finansial terhadap Kinerja Dosen Program Studi Diploma PTN “X” di Surabaya
Pengarang : Novianto Eko Nugroho
Abstraksi : Compensation is acknowledged that such a system benefits gained through the results of a lecturers performance. Compensation was made to award that is given by the government to improve the professionalism of the lecturers in the field of Tridharma. For faculty who are receive compensation like expected to improve performance in the areas of education and teaching, research andthen community service. This study aims to determine when the effect on the performance of financial compensation Diploma Course Lecturer PTN “X” in Surabaya simultaneously or partially. To determine the effect of the dependent variable (performance lecturer) of the independent variables (financial compensation) are used by multiple linear regression analysis with analysis method F test and t test. This research method using a quantitative method with explanatory research type, to describe the relationship and the influence of several variables that have been defined. This research subject is a lecturer PTN “X”, amounting to 46 permanent lecturers who have acquired NIDN. The results test are used to by test the validity of research instruments known that all the items on are the question from financial compensation variable and variable performance lecturer who has a coefficient of r more than 0,30 has been declared by invalid while the reliability test is known that the financial compensation variable and variable performance of lecturers who have Cronbach alpha values more than the critical value of 0,6, thus otherwise unreliable. Results are using multiple linear regression analysis and showed that there was significant influence between the variables simultaneously Salary (X1), Professional Allowance (X2), Performance Allowance (X3), the Performance Lecturer (Y) Diploma Course PTN “X” in Surabaya, which related to the performance of the task (task performance) known level of significance is 0.011 and determination coefficient is 0.231 (23.1%) While partly are through the t test is known there is as regards the performance of the task (task performance) only Allowances Performance (X3) shows significant value 2,175 with 0,035 that showed significant influence partially on faculty performance (Y). Key words: compensation, performance, a lecturer
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Judul : Internet Financial Report: Respons Pasar Sebelum dan Sesudah Tanggal Publikasi Internet Financial Report: Market Response Before and After The Date of Publication
Pengarang : Ratna Wijayanti Daniar Paramita, Noviansyah Rizal
Abstraksi : The aim of this study was to determine the effect of disclosure on the Internet Financial Report response market and know the difference between the market response before and after the date of publication of the financial statements on the website. Internet Financial Reporting (IFR) at this time is voluntary. So that there are no special regulations concerning IFR, this causes differences IFR practice among companies. Some companies disclose financial statements using only low-level technology, while other companies disclose full financial statements using Web sophistications such as multimedia and analytical tools. Testing the hypothesis in this study using multiple regression, one-sample t test and Wilcoxon test. The results showed there were significant positive effect internet reporting (IFR) on the market response. While the second hypothesis shows that there are differences between the market response before and after the date of publication, the difference occurs between D+1 to D+4. Key words: Internet Financial Report, Abnormal return, Comulatif abnormal Return, market response, website
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