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Judul : Model Peningkatan Resiliensi Anak Usia Sekolah Pasca Letusan Gunung Kelud Kediri Berbasis Disaster Nursing Competency (Model of Resilience Improvement on School Age Children After the Kelud Mountain Eruption Based on Disaster Nursing Competency)
Pengarang : Nian Afrian Nuari, Melani Kartika Sari
Abstraksi : Children are more vulnerable than adults and receives the most severe impact on the incidence of post-traumatic natural disaster. This is part of the focus of nursing disaster competency is becoming a trend in nursing in Indonesia because the location of the position of Indonesia has the opportunity of natural disasters. The purpose of this study was to identify the development of models of resilience and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder) in children of school age victims of the eruption of Kelud Kediri based on disaster nursing competency. This research was an explanatory research on SDN Asmorobangun Puncu in Lahar River I Kelud Mountains area. The sampel was 41 children are taken with a Proportionate Stratified Random Sampling technique. Data collection used resiliency questionnaire with CYRM - 28 and PTSD Checklist - Civilian Version (PCL-C). Data were then analyzed using a structural equation model based variance or Partial Least Square (PLS). The results showed the characteristics of respondents had significant influence with resilience (t = 1.97) and the incidence of PTSD school-age children (t = 1.976). Resilience is influenced components of individual factors, relationship with primary care, and spiritual context, education and culture. Resilience has a significant correlation with the incidence of PTSD in children of school age. Therefore, development of models of school-age children resilience improvement in disaster areas can be performed by nurses with education and health promotion as part of disaster nursing competencies. Nurses can improve health promotion program by implementing the strategy of psychological care as promotive and rehabilitative intervention. Key words: resilience, PTSD, nurse, disaster, children, school age.
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Judul : Gambaran Faktor-Faktor yang Menyebabkan Kejadian Skabies pada Santri Pondok Pesantren Bahrul ‘Ulum (Pondok Induk) Tambakberas Jombang (The Description of Many Factors That Causes Scabies in Student at Bahrul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Tambakberas Jombang)
Pengarang : Vendi Eko Kurniawan
Abstraksi : The boarding school students in Bahrul ‘Ulum prevalence of scabies disease tends to occur in junior high school students. Tranfers of disease between patients with scabies can take place through direct contact between the skin with the population density which lead to the transmission of scabies disease develops more rapidly, through the clothing and equipment in use with no separate bathroom, disease scabies can berk. Purpose of this study was to determine the factors that cause the occurrence of scabies in the boarding school students in Bahrul ‘Ulum (lodge master) Tambakberas Jombang. This descriptive study performed on the 8th of june 2014. Total population of 250 students, using simple random sampling technique with less of 95 respondents. Research using questionnaires measuring instrument. Get the results of research of the frequency based on the level of knowledge that a good many as 78 people (82%), the socioeconomic level that is capable of as many as 85 people (89%), whereas in densely populated residential density by 77 people (81%), and the poor personal hygiene as many as 83 people (87%). The occurrence of poor personal hygiene should improve personal hygiene such as regular bathing in water showers, no soap or towels alternately with their peers, as well as spray drying clothes frequently to minimize the transmission of desease scabies. Key words: knowledge, scabies, students
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Judul : Paternal Social Support dan Keberhasilan Pemberian ASI Eksklusif (Paternal Social Support and Exclusive Breastfeeding)
Pengarang : Dhina Widayati
Abstraksi : Breast milk is the best food for newborn, because there is colostrum or first milk that contains of antibodies which prevent infection and make the baby strong. One of the factors that can influence mother’s behavior to breastfeed their babies is through the support of a husband in paternal social support. The purpose of this study was to analyze the corelation of paternal social support with exclusive breastfeeding. This study was correlational design with a retrospectif approach. Samples size were 18 respondents gotten by total sampling. The results showed the majority (56%) of respondents gave exclusive breastfeeding, and almost all respondents (78%) get support from husband with good category. Spearman Rho test results with significance level 0.05 is obtained rho count(0,925 > rho table (0.475), there was a relation paternal social support with exclusive breastfeeding. Correlation coefficient is 0.450 means that the level of relationship being medium. By getting the support of her husband, mother will be comfort, so will make positive feeling that improving production of breast milk by releasing oxitocyn. The better paternal social support was also getting better exclusive breastfeeding. Therefore, the husband must optimize to motivate his wife to support exclusive breastfeeding. Key words: paternal social support, exclusive breast feeding, mother
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Judul : Pengaruh Deep Back Massage dan Teknik Deep Breathing terhadap Intensitas Nyeri Kala I Fase Aktif Primigravida (The Effect Deep Back Massage and Deep Brething Technique to Pain Intensity First Active Stage on Primigravida)
Pengarang : H. Suharti, Is Fadilah
Abstraksi : Pain intensity at first active stage on primigravida, occur due to contraction during the proces of opening and thining of the cervix. Increasing the frequency and durating of contraction more intense pain is felt especially on primigravida mothers. The purpose of this study was to analize the effect of deep back massage and deep breathing to pain intensity on first stage active on primigravida. Design research was quasy experiment, used accidental sampling consist of 20 sample, 10 sample of the control group and 10 sample group intervention. Data collected by questionaire and observation. The analyzed used wilcoxon Signed Rank tes and Mann-Whitney test. The result showed there were differences in the result of measurements of pain level at pretest an posttest control group was obtained by Wilcoxon Sign Rank test p=0,002 with an average of 2,5 pretest an posttest average of 1,4 to an increase of pain 1,1. While the interventation group pretest average of 2.2 and an average posttest 3.8 so there is decrease in pain oh 1.6. Posttest results between the two groups with the Mann-Whitney test showed p=0.000. There is effect deep back massage and deep breathing in pain intensity at first stage active on primigravida. Key words: deep back massage, deep breathing, pain intensity, primigravida
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Judul : Hubungan Antara Spiritualitas dengan Depresi pada Lansia di UPT Panti Werdha Mojopahit Mojokerto (The Correlation Between Spirituality with Depression to Elderly at UPT Panti Werdha Mojopahit, Mojokerto)
Pengarang : Faishol Roni
Abstraksi : Depression is one of the forms of mental disorder in the natural feelings (affective, mood). One of the causes of depression is spirituality. The age is getting closer to death, with the condition whether the elderly will still be able to need of spirituality so that the elderly do not get depression. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a relationship between spirituality and depression in the elderly in Elderly Nursing Unit Mojopahit Mojokerto. The design of this study using correlational analytic methods penelitiancross sectional. The population of this study were all elderly in Elderly Nursing Unit Mojopahit Mojokerto as many as 46 seniors. Techniques of sampling using total sampling. Variabel examined are independent and the dependent variable is the spirituality of depression in the elderly. The results showed almost entirely elderly have spirituality are as many as 43 respondents (93.5%), that the majority of elderly people experiencing mild depression as many as 29 respondents (63%). Analysis using the Spearman rank statistical test showed p <α (α = 0.05), ie 0.005 <0.05. H1 is accepted it means there is a connection between spirituality and depression in the elderly, with the strength of the relationship category of being. From the above results the researchers concluded that depression can be affected by expected spiritualitas. Sehingga the elderly can improve depression spiritulaitasnya so it does not happen. Key words: Spirituality, depression, elderly
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Judul : Pengaruh Antagonis Nonkompetitif NMDAR MK-801 terhadap Penurunan Nyeri Neuropati (Studi Nyeri Kronis pada Mencit dengan Induksi Model Ligasi) Effect of Non-Competitive NMDA Receptor Antagonist MK-801 Toward Decreasing Neuropathic Pain (A Chronic Pain Study to Mice Induced Ligation Model)
Pengarang : Rahmad A. Prasetya, Junaidi Khotib, Imam Susilo.
Abstraksi : Neuropathic pain could be defined as a condition associated with the damage of peripheral and central nervous system. In this condition, pain sensation is even obtained by the stimulus which doesn’t normally provoke pain (allodynia) and an increased response occurs to a stimulus which is normally painful (hyperalgesia). Pathophysiologic of pain particularly involves the activation of ionotropic NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate) receptor in the central nervous system caused by excessive release of glutamate. Hence, this research used noncompetitive antagonist NMDA receptor MK-801 which is expected to be a selective and specific analgesic. This research was a true experimental study, pretest-posttest control group design using mice (Musmusculus) as a subject. Mice were randomized in seven groups with seven mice in each group. Neuropathic pain model was made by tight ligation of sciatic nerve on ipsilateral site, or it’s known as PSNL (Partial Sciatic Nerve Ligation). Then, mice were given MK-801 with different dosage 0,01; 0,10; 1,00; 10,00; 20,00 nmol intrathecally in each group. Pain responses were evaluated by giving heat stimulation on the warm plate (48±0,50C). Results showed that subjects have experienced neuropathic symptoms like hyperalgesia since third day after ligation. Usage of MK-801 at given dosages showed the effectiveness in blockade a pain sensation significantly (p<0,05) than placebo. Histochemistry with HE stained of spinal cord showed some morphologic alteration between sham operated group and ligated grup, also between subjects which received placebo and MK-801 with dosage 0,01; 1,00; 20,00 nmol. Key words: Neuropathy, NMDA Receptor, Glutamate, MK-801, PSNL (Partial Sciatic Nerve Ligation)
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Judul : Analisis Time Series Metode Winter Jumlah Penderita Gastroenteritis Rawat Inap Berdasarkan Data Rekam Medis di RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya (The Number of Gastroenteritiss Patient in Inpatient Unit Based on Medical Record Data in RSUD Dr. Soetomo Hospital Using Winter Method of Time Series Analysis)
Pengarang : Sri Nawangwulan
Abstraksi : Gastroenteritis (GE) problems is a public health problem which able to overcome not only done with medical and health services approach alone, but by performing an understanding of food hygiene and beverages to be consumed each day also involves aspects of knowledge and behavior which less supportive of a healthy lifestyle. Time series analysis and projections on morbidity can give information related to the morbidity that occurs. In RSUD Dr. Soetomo hospital, the number of patients per month on average to 200 patients. With the high number of GEs patients, then time series analysis will be done to GEs patients in the medical records of inpatient unit of RSUD Dr. Soetomo hospital based on monthly data in 2011 to 2014, viewed by the occurrences of this problem each month. The predicted results of GEs patients number which are hospitalized in May 2014 increased in the number of patients to 95 patients; In June-August decline in the number of patients to 80, 59, and 16 patients; September-November increased to 62, 103, and 142 patients; May to November 2014 has increased the number of male patients in May as many as 54 patients; June-August 2014 decreased the number of patients to 48, 38, and 10 patients; September-November 2014 increased the number of patients as much as 29, 65, and 83 patients in RSUD Dr. Soetomo hospital. Key words: time series analysis, Gastroenteritis (GE), medical record.
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Judul : Hubungan Status Gizi Balita dengan Perkembangan Balita di Posyandu Dusun Samben Kabupaten Lamongan (Connecting the Nutritional Status of Children with Children Development in Posyandu Samben Hamlet Lamongan Sub Province)
Pengarang : Lida Khalimatus Sa’diya
Abstraksi : Monitoring of nutritional status of children, the health department that conducted the national nutrition malnutrition 8.7%, while 27% malnutrition, nutritional status is used to determine the health of infants, including developmental. The research objective was to determine the relationship with the nutritional status of children under five in IHC development Hamlet Village Samben Kedungkumpul Sukorame Lamongan district. Research design cros sectional analytic approach. Population of all infants who were present at the time posyandu at Hamlet Village Samben Kedungkumpul Sukorame Lamongan district that a total of 48 toddlers to obtain a sample of 29 infants who were taken by purposive sampling. Independentnya variable nutritional status of children and childhood development dependentnya variables. Data retrieved using observations at posyandu. Having collected data processing and statistical tests followed by Spearman’s Rho Test with SPSS version 17.0. The results showed p (0.009) <α (0.05), so that means there is a reject Ho in relation to the development of the nutritional status of children under five, with r = 0.479 which indicates a strong relationship. Respondents considered capable enough in regulating food menu toddler needs. So she can meet the nutritional needs of toddlers with good so that good nutritional status. Key words: Nutrition, Toddler, toddler development
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Judul : Hubungan Kecemasan dengan Gangguan Pola Tidur pada Pasien Pre Operasi Fraktur Femur di RSUD Prof. Dr. Soekandar Mojosari Kabupaten Mojokerto (Relations with Anxiety Disorders Sleep Patterns Pre Operation in Patients Femur Fracturein Hospital Prof. Dr. Soekandar Mojosari District Mojokerto)
Pengarang : Binarti Dwi Wahyuningsih
Abstraksi : Treatment of femoral fracture patients is one done with surgery, so this is a new experience for the patient to psychological cause anxiety. Excessive anxiety is a problem, because the cause disturbances in sleep patterns. Sampling method with consecutive sampling. This study aimed to relationship anxiety with the disruption of sleep patterns in patients with preoperative fracture femur in Hospital Prof. Dr. Soekandar Mojokerto. This research is correlational with cross sectional study. The population of all patients preoperative femoral fracture. The result showed that out of 15 respondents obtained as many as 12 people (80%) experienced anxiety, and as many as three people (20%) did not experience anxiety, the number and percentage of respondents who experienced a disruption of sleep patterns of 11 people (73%), and as many as 4 people (27%), did not experience a disruption of sleep patterns. The results show the relationship of anxiety and the level analysis disruption of sleep patterns with statistical test non parametrik Chi Square at significance level α = 0.05 showed a significant correlation with p = 0.009 (<α = 0.05). It is known that in patients with femur fractures preoperative anxiety because it was worried about the experiences that are considered threatened physical changes, changes its role in life, and anxiety increases sympathetic nerve that can cause interference with the frequency of sleep. Key words: Anxiety, sleep disorders, fractures of the femur
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Judul : Korelasi Penilaian Revised Trauma Score (RTS) dengan Mortalitas Pasien Trauma di Instalasi Gawat Darurat RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
Pengarang : Riza Fikriana, Al Afik
Abstraksi : purpose of this study was to identify correlations RTSassessment with mortality of trauma patients. The study design using correlation design.Sample was conducted in patients who suffered trauma from traffic accidents by 22 people. Data were analysed by Spearman test, showed that the p value 0.006 <0.05. So that it can be interpreted that there is a correlations between RTS with mortality assessment of trauma patients in the ER. Accordingly, the use of RTS is very appropriate to be used in the emergency department triage process to obtain the appropriate category for gravity we, as RTS can be used to predict mortality in patients with trauma. Key words: Revised Trauma Score, Mortality, Trauma
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